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 NHES Rulebook

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Kevin Dwight

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NHES Rulebook Empty
PostSubject: NHES Rulebook   NHES Rulebook EmptyMon Jan 30, 2017 7:39 pm

Mod: NNS 08 / PWF GNS
Race Length: Variable
Tire Wear:  2X or 3X

Practice: 8:45 pm (~45 minutes)
Drivers Meeting: 9:30 pm
Qualifying: 9:35 pm
Happy Hour: 9:37 pm
Race: 9:43 pm

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, The basic 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series rulebook is in place.

1.Caution Procedure:

A. Caution flags

The Yellow Flag will be thrown at the discretion of admins for:

1. Single Car Incidents
2. Accidents involving two or more cars.
3. A driver flipping over at any time.
4. Any incident creating an immediate danger/hazard for other drivers.

B. Incident Periods

Single car incidents will only bring out a caution if 3 occur within a set period of laps.

This set incident period will begin at the start of the race and each race restart.

There will be no incident period within 10 laps to go in the race (may vary depending on track size). Single car incidents will no longer be able to accumulate to bring out the Yellow Flag.

Scoring will stop at the moment of caution.

There will be no racing back to the start/finish line until 2 laps to go. If an accident occurs on the 2 to go lap, the leader will race back to the 1 to go mark and pace the final lap out.

C. Pit Road

Pit Road will close at the moment of caution.

Drivers who have already entered the pit road prior to the Yellow Flag may complete their service and exit the pit road.

Entering the Pit Road when it is closed will result in an immediate EOLL penalty.

When the pits open under caution, Lead Lap and Lap Down cars will enter at the same time.

Regular cautions will be 2 laps, 1 if possible at tracks over 1.5 miles in length. Pit road will only be open on the first lap at tracks greater than 1.5 miles in length. No exceptions. If there is an emergency scenario, there will be an extra lap of caution.

D. Caution Period Awards

Lucky Dog: First driver one lap down will receive one lap back. Will enter the pits and get service with the rest of the field and restart behind lead lap race cars.

Wave-Around: Drivers that are a lap down or more may elect to stay out on the track and collect one lap back. These drivers will pass the field and start at the tail end of the pack.

2. Starts/Restarts

A. Starts

The flag man will dictate the initial green flag of every race with no exceptions.

A race restart may be used if an accident, glitch, lag, or game error causes multiple drivers to receive heavy damage.

B. Restarts

Drivers will restart double file. The leader will have lane choice. Lapped cars start behind the lead lap cars. Cars issues penalties will restart tail end.

There will be a restart zone determined at every race track. The leader will take the green to restart the race within that zone.

Passing is allowed on both sides before the start finish line providing you do not make an illegal start.

An illegal start is defined as jumping the restart and or any action that gives a driver an unfair advantage.

3. Stage Finish:

At the end of the first half, drivers in the Top 5 will be awarded bonus points. 1st place will receive 5 points, 2nd, 4 points, etc.

In the event that there is a caution within 3 laps of the completion of the 1st half, the stage will end at that point.

4. Race Finish

There will be no racing back to the start/finish line until 2 laps to go. If an accident occurs on the 2 to go lap, the leader will race back to the 1 to go mark and pace the final lap out.

If the race can be restarted in regulation, we will run those final laps.

We ask that our drivers do NOT wreck needlessly at the finish or on the cool down lap.

4.Wreck System:

There is no wreck system. There are no wreck points.

“Boys have at it”

Race others the way you want to be raced in return.

Intentional accidents caused to force a yellow will result in a point penalty and suspension.

Drivers under no circumstances are aloud to retaliate under a caution period. Doing so will result in an immediate ejection from the race. No exceptions.

We reserve the right to assess a penalty if we feel it is necessary.

Incidents will not be reviewed unless we feel it is necessary.

Final Notes:
Drivers will be asked to not wreck their cars in an intentional manner at the finish line or completion of the race. We ask that drivers pull off the track and park instead. Intentional crashing at the completion of the race may result in up to a 5 point penalty.

Car Rules:

Your car file must be uploaded to the file browser in order to race. It must have the appropriate templates and decals per requirement.

Your car should look like a typical NASCAR stock car. Schemes should be appropriately and tastefully put together. You can do it. I believe in you.

All cars must:
- be created using the provided or suggested templates.
- feature the appropriate Nitroade Series and Goodyear Decals.

Keep it appropriate.

If your car is the work of a smart-ass trying to push the boundaries of the rules, you can find somewhere else to race.

We will reserve the right to ask a driver to change paint schemes if we deem it necessary. This is utilized in rare circumstances.

Other notes:

We reserve the right to refuse anyone. We're a group of friends that race for fun. if you're here to turn everything into an argument, Bye!
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NHES Rulebook
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